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The Next Hour You Play…

It derives a basically truth: The next hour you play is the next hour you play. You can leave now because your chips have reached some random point. Then you can play your next hour tomorrow, picking up right where you left off. Or you can play your next hour right now.

Further, while many players are worried by those who hit and run, I often seeing them do it. When a good online poker player hits and runs it gets him out of the game, allowing for the chance that a bad player will take his place. (It he is illogical about this, so may he be about other aspects of the game.) When a bad player hits and runs it slows down his losing.

(This is similar to the winning player making less over a period of time if he uses stop wins. In either case, the stop wins slows down the unavoidable.) However, it does help him to come back and play some other day. That is generally good for the health of a game. I think it is only those players who play close to the break even level, who I do not want to see hitting and running. I suppose that their keeping a seat filled is possibly the best thing they can do for a game.

The another second time you are winning and are attracted to quit to "lock it up" even if the game is good, and even if you have planned to quit at the later stage, ask yourself what sensible reason you have for quitting early. You may discover that you are thinking like roulette player who bets black because he has seen the ball land on red five times in a row, and so concludes it is "due" to the land on black.

You are worried that because you have been winning for a while, you are due to have a downswing. From this, you can figure that this is as inexperienced as the roulette player's way of thinking. You are actually wasting your time thinking about this. I guarantee that you will win more money by thinking instead about your play and that of your rivals. Anyway, the other hour you play is the other hour you play. To think about quitting a Play Poker only because you are winning would be a folly.

A Deceptive Winner

There was a player named Vito, who had huge stack of chips in front of him that day, and as regular I heard some comments from players who were doubtful, certain that he won continuously, but worried but how he did it. And as normal they seemed to be wrong.

The person who I am calling Vito is someone that I used to see often in certain different Southern California card games rooms. He had well developed ability and poker skills. He was aggressive and deceptive, capable of putting pressure with semi-bluffs. However, he had severe mistakes. In many games, he bluffed and semi-bluffed a lot. Additionally, he played way too many hands, frequently overplaying them before the flop.

It was his looseness that irritated at other players when they strained with their perception that he was a winning player. They knew that players were not allowed to play that many hands, yet Vito did play and won continuously - so much so that these other players were little scared by him. They thought he should know something they didn't. He did; he knew that he was not a poker winner.

Vito and many such players do not keep records of their play. So he may have been able to satisfy himself as he did others that he was winning. He continued playing well enough that he shouldn't lose more as a weak player loses. That joined with a playing style that developed huge variations led him to have some great wins and also some extended winning streaks. So he might have deceived himself into assuming that he had some horrible luck in the past, but was back on track and winning as he deserve. On the other hand, he knew he had not won much and if he was candid with himself he had to accept that he was not winning at all. (He convinced himself outside the online omaha poker, and had to realize that his overall cash flow has not improved.) Unsurprisingly, I do not see Vito playing anymore.

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